The Photoshoot Guide

Please arrive for your scheduled session 5-10 minutes early, your promptness is truly appreciated.  



Play with texture, color, and necklines.  Solid colors work best. Bring as many outfits as you like, the photographer will work with you to find the perfect look. There’s no need to dress according to the season. Whatever you feel good in, wear it! 


Women should come camera ready, make up is recommended; avoid foundations with a SPF as they can create a “white cast.” Let your personality show, if you love a bold lip, go ahead and do it! 

Men don’t necessarily need make-up but if you would like to powder before hand, that’s an O.K. in our book!


Your hair should closely resemble what your “best hair day” would be in your every day life.


Mini and full session packages will include a selection of images by the photographer and will be sent via downloadable link along with chosen retouched photo or photos. A full buyout of the session can be purchased for $99.